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Elton John
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This community is for the fans of Sir Elton John and his partner in crime, Bernie Taupin. Mostly this is a music blog as well as an icon journal, but members can post whatever they want. For now, the only maintainer is me. If somehow we become teh p0pul4r, then I'll expand the authority. ALSO, if you would like to affiliate, you need only ask. :)
What rules? This community is open to all, viewable to all. Music and icons are not restricted to Elton John. I do not own any part of Elton or Rocket Records. Copyright infringment is not intended, but hey, let's go with it.
Elton John
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Imogen Heap
Death Cab For Cutie
Savage Garden
Jeff Buckley
Michael Jackson
The Beatles
Rufus Wainwright
John Mayer
James Blunt
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